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Our Vendor Leasing Program was created to assist equipment vendors across Canada in selling equipment to their prospective customers. It provides the customer with an alternative financing solution to a large out of pocket expenditure. More importantly, your sales representative offers the solution at the time of the sale, when their customer is most interested in acquiring the equipment. This can make the difference between closing the sale or losing the client.

Equipment leasing with Equipment Lease Canada offers you:

  • Very competitive rates and fast credit approvals
  • Fast funding to your company
  • Startup funding
  • A, B, C & D Credit Programs
  • Software Lease Programs
  • Private Label Programs
  • Lead Generation Programs
  • 100% financing for all equipment (including shipping & installation, maintenance and taxes)

We get lease approvals when many other companies say no!

By working closely with you and your customers we are able to put together a strong financial package and give your customer every possible advantage. Become a Vendor Leasing Partner today to enjoy these and more benefits!


For more information on becoming a Vendor please send us an email using the contact page

Why Should I Lease?

Find more information on why you should choose lease financing to acquire equipment

Some of the main benefits are:

  • Conservation of Capital
  • Tax Considerations
  • Flexibility
  • Source Of Capital

Lease or Buy Equipment?

Which decision is the best? Ask yourself-What are my objectives?

  • Are you looking to preserve capital?
  • Do you plan on expanding or reducing the size of your business in the near future?
  • Does your business require new technology to stay competitive?
  • Are you looking for tax deductible payments?

if you answered yes to these questions then generally, leasing would be the right decision.


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