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Asset based financing consists of advances against a company’s assets allowing you to focus you on what you do best…growing your business. Assets include accounts receivables, inventory, machinery, equipment, real estate and intangibles. As your sales grow, so does your loan availability – giving you greater access to capital and the flexibility you need.

Many companies recognize that asset based financing is not only a proven, effective resource for liquidity needs, but may be most beneficial to overall viability and growth. We work with you to develop solutions that address your operating and term needs while supporting your strategic goals at every stage of the economic cycle. Alternative debt financing solutions are often required by businesses experiencing high growth, financial distress or other special situations. Our capital sources are not restricted by conventional credit boxes, grids, or scores. Through a high-touch, efficient decision-making style, the firm can quickly tailor debt financing solutions to meet the objectives of borrowers regardless of industry or operating performance. We have extensive experience in high-growth, distressed, and special situations across diverse industries including industrial manufacturing, distribution, oil and gas, alternative energy, metals and mining, media and entertainment, forestry products, retail and consumer products, transportation, technology, and business and professional services.

We look beyond just the numbers, and believe that a company’s potential may be more relevant than its history. We take a complete view of each situation, and professionally package the deal to obtain the interest of the lender and meet its requirements. We maintain a close and intimate relationship with the borrower that lasts throughout the credit relationship and allows not only monetizing assets for credit availability that other lenders might ignore or otherwise overlook, but also respond sooner to help companies seize opportunities or solve problems. Our full service offering combines the benefits of asset based lending with our patient capital solutions and leasing services.


$500,000–$20 Million



Revolving Lines of Credit
Term Loans
Real Estate Loans
Subordinated Debt



Over collateralized by assets
with visible realization values



Strong, experienced team
that is financially committed to
the business



Positive or negative cash flow
or net worth



Viable business model


Key Benefits

If your company has solid assets you can utilize your collateral to:

  • Generate additional working capital at competitive pricing
  • Maximize cash availability for collateral rich balance sheets
  • Simplify covenant structures
  • Facilitate greater flexibility in the use of proceeds
  • Finance growth opportunities, mergers and acquisitions
  • Efficiently manage cash gaps during business cycles/seasons
  • Effect shareholder buyouts
  • Restructure existing financing
  • Fund dividend and Shareholder recapitalizations


Why Should I Lease?

Find more information on why you should choose lease financing to acquire equipment

Some of the main benefits are:

  • Conservation of Capital
  • Tax Considerations
  • Flexibility
  • Source Of Capital

Lease or Buy Equipment?

Which decision is the best? Ask yourself-What are my objectives?

  • Are you looking to preserve capital?
  • Do you plan on expanding or reducing the size of your business in the near future?
  • Does your business require new technology to stay competitive?
  • Are you looking for tax deductible payments?

if you answered yes to these questions then generally, leasing would be the right decision.


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